Sunday, June 23, 2013

Darkside Sketchbook

Every once in a while, like after reading that Alan Moore expose on the comic book industry that's been going around, I get kinda bummed and draw these really yucky things. They are definitely from my darker side. Recently, I collected them in a PDF entitled "Darkside Sketchbook". There's some light pron, a coupla topless shots, people shooting up... I guess it's not all that bad. Well, the "Jizzin' Cuzzins" pin-up is kinda bad. There's a bunch of normal Mannion stuff in there too, thumbnails of chicks and page layouts and such. 29 pages, some color. Anyways, I figured I would offer it as a late KS bonus-contact me here for a link. All others we ask a $5 donation to get the PDF. 18 years of age please as it is mature audiences. Thank You,---s